WTS Large Skill Injector

50 LSI located in Jita 4-4

510.000.000 isk p/u

Please set up a WTB contract to Angelo Ruis.
I’am accepting contract up to 6 hours.

Fly Safe

If you´re selling Large Skill Injectors, and not Skill Extractors for 510 Mil each, Then ill take all of them, contact me in game.
Please confirm first, and if all above is correct, contract them to this Character.

Thank you

Probably LSE and not LSI

There´s no such thing as LSE , only SE (Skill Extractor), Thread Topic Says “WTS Large Skill Injector”
Unless it´s a huge mistake, i keep the first offer to buy all of them on contract to this character.

WTB Contract UP for 50x Large Skill Injector


Contract Deleted.

Please Correct Information on sale add, unless there´s something very strange here.

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