WTS Large Skill Injectors - Current Stock 34

Current Price: 810m
as of 12:05 9 Mar 2020

Price is generally about the split between Perimeter buy and sell prices

Buy at least 15 and price is 800m each

where did you come up with that math? :joy:

Are you bad at math?

Sell: 816
Buy: 788
Split: 802 ((816+788)/2)

Pretty simple stuff really…

Can you contract them all to me at 800. Thanks

Contract Up (From my alt corp, Bees Nutz)

stock and price updated:
20 in stock at 805m each

price updated

stock updated, 22 available

buy yourself some SP today!

stock updated

Can you contract them all to me at 800. Thanks

Current price is 810, I’ve put a contract up for 17 at 810 each.

stock updated, 16 available at 810m each

up we go

price and stock updated

stock updated

come level up a new nifty alt this weekend!

25 back in stock, get’em while they’re hot.

stock and price updated.

Buy at least 15 and get a bulk price of 800m each.

Contract one to me plz