WTS Literally every BPO ever and millions of BPCs

I’ve put up 4 researched larges, 2 mediums, and 3 smalls to you at 15/10/3 each, as well as a bunch of unresearched ones (10 L, 20 M, 25 S) at 0.5/0.5/50k each. Total: 89M + 16M.

I have 7 left. 25M each or 150M for all 7?

Do you have any Retribution BPCs ? Or the T2 small lasers BPCs ?

looking for raven BPO(s), let me know what you have.

WTB megathron, tempest BPCs, provided they are ME 10. Also Augoror, Caracal, Blackbird, Celestis (BPCs)

I’m afraid I have neither of those.

Up on contract to you!

I have quite a lot of them, so I’ve put them up on several separate contracts to you.

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ItsmeHcK1 I’m looking for ME 10 TE 20 Super and Titan BPO’s do you have any for sale?

I have some Hel and 2 x nyx

KiloAlpha if they are ME 10 / TE 20 then give me a price.

Yeah they are not 10/20 :slight_smile: that’s what I get for replying before I’ve had my coffee :slight_smile:

Willing to buy more megathron, tempest BPCs

Oh, Maller also. But not 141 of them this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

If these are available put the contract up for all 7 please for the packrat mtu

You still have the omen BPO? How much would that be nowadays?

How does 56 sound? Put them up on contract to you.

Not a good one, but I can send you an unresearched BPO at 70M, if you’d like?

If that’s the best omen BPO you’ve got sounds fine to me.

Do you have any 10/18 Structure BPOs? I might be interested in a few sets if you do.