WTS Looking Glass Monocle Interface (right/gold) 50B

WTS my Looking Glass Monocle Interface (right/gold … Market price is 60B, looking to get 50B for it.

Thanks, mail me with any interest as i dont check the forums as much as I used to.

Seeing as you are bidding on an Azbel, how about
WTS Azbel & Capital Production Rigs: Build better than a Sotiyo at Azbel Prices! - #3 by Gix +25b isk

Could you provide a janice, tbh i need liquid. And were building a sotiyo, i would have been interested but the rigs are not what we are looking for, ive got an offer for 43atm, realisitcally if its worth close to what your stating, and we both know how volatile that market is id need some more isk

Top bid atm is 40b, 45 gets it :ok_hand:


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