WTS M Foxx, 111M SP

Selling this Account

Great Drone Skills
Good Trader Skills
Perfect for Ratting with an Tengu

Booster all incl FC V
Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V

You can ratting like a God with Minmatar or Gallente

Starting bid is 100b

96b is only Skillextractors (worst case)

Jita Clone with 4 Impoved Improved Implants
Kor-Azor Clone also 4 Improved Implants and Shild Command Mindlink
0.0 Clone (i can move him in High-Sec) with 4 Standard Implants, EO-603, EM-603, Federation Navy Command Link

sec Status 5,01 and no Killrights

96 bil

97 bil

98 bil

98.5 bil

99 bil

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