WTS Macinaw Pilot with PVP and minig skills 9,5 mill SP

Selling Toon 9,5 mil, nice starting pilot for PVP and Mining.

I am selling my third account character Barkal Kane


positive isk

No jump clones

Located in hi-sec

No kill rights

Standard implants

Bidd start at 5 bill

B/O if amount is agreeable

Bidding will close at 23:00 CET 08.02.2019.

I reserve the right to accept bids at any time during this period, and if so bidding will be closed.

This is my third account and I don’t use it anymore. The character was created in 2012 .

I will pay the transfer fee with credit card of course.

(I read a lot about scam on this forum and I don’t want people to think that about this add, please feel free to come with suggestions to how I can help you feel safe in your purchase)

All EVE and CCP policies for this transaction to be followed 100%.

You need to reply with the character in this thread confirming that it’s for sale.

Thank you :slight_smile:

OK, sorry. Then i should make new user and close this post?

No, just login with that character, navigate to this thread and drop a reply like “Confirming I’m for sale”

ok, thanks :slight_smile: new at this :slight_smile:

Can offer 6 bil BO once you post with the character for sale

I am confirming that this toon is for sale

6 is to low for BO

Luck with the sale then.

Thanks, and Thanks for the bid.

Bump it

Bump, Ill check in a few houres.

7 Bill B/O

Still for sale?

Still for sale?

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