WTS Maradeur/interceptor toon with 47 mil sp

Here is a full list of all learned skills
Current state:
Sec. status 2.48
Wallet 15 mil
No kill rights
Npc corp

Transfer will be done via plex. Auction start from 33 bil . Good luck and Merry Christmas!

33b b/o

34 bil

35 bil

36 bil

Thank you for bidding, guys. Vulgus_Carovigra you won. 36 bil agreed. Feel free to send me isk

sending isk and account info now

All sent

You have not responded and have added a password to your skillboard. Please update me with a support number or I will be contacting CCP very soon

@Goblok_Fastwit Please respond with transfer status as per the rules of the character bazaar.

Also please add the password to the character sheet on your post or remove the password. Skills need to be visible.

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Still nothing from @Goblok_Fastwit Petition has been made

Could a GM give an update please?

Since they seem to have thrown up a password on their skillboard, I tried to manually refresh their tokens, and they have been revoked from the sellers end {"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"The refresh token is expired."}

@Vulgus_Carovigra open a support ticket referencing this sale thread to get the scam investigated


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