WTS Marshal // ~13b // Saminer

Appraisal zDOSUq @ Jita 4-4 split | Janice (e-351.com)

High power
1x Corpus X-Type Heavy Energy Neutralizer
1x Caldari Navy Cloaking Device
6x Domination Cruise Missile Launcher

Medium power
1x Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
1x Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
1x Gist X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive
1x Imperial Navy Heavy Capacitor Booster
1x Pithum A-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
1x Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
1x Large Micro Jump Drive

Low power
1x Sentient Damage Control
1x Sentient Signal Amplifier
4x Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
1x Republic Fleet Nanofiber Structure

Rig Slot
2x Large Core Defense Operational Solidifier II

1,000x Caldari Navy Nova Cruise Missile
1,000x Caldari Navy Mjolnir Cruise Missile
6x Navy Cap Booster 3200
1,000x Nova Fury Cruise Missile
1,000x Mjolnir Fury Cruise Missile
500x Nanite Repair Paste

Implants & Boosters
2x Standard Crash Booster
2x Strong Blue Pill Booster
2x Agency ‘Pyrolancea’ DB3 Dose I

Currently looking for 13b, message me in-game or reply here


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Lowered asking price, to the top.

In-game offer of 12.5

Sold for 12.75b please close.