WTS Marshal BPC

Marshal bpc for sale make me an offer here or in game.

3b isk

3,5b isk

5b isk

5,5b isk


6.1b isk

6.5b isk

6.6b isk

6.5 B

10bn…isk ready

Thanks for all the offers, but it seems I’m aiming for a to high price. I’d rather keep them myself than.

yeah Marshal prices dropped heavily today already

20b max

I’ll setup a contract to you once this dt is over.

Contract is up


i still offer 6.5b , even if the price of the ship is already down to 11,5b

down to 10b (hull) in jita :slight_smile: accept 6.5b now or you’ll regret :slight_smile:

7b now

7.5 B