WTS Marshal + Skin & Kaikka's Modified modules x3 (Prices reduced)

Location : Jita 4/4
Private contract only

Marshal - 6.4 billion ISK
Marshal DED ‘Master-at-Arms’ Recruiter SKIN x2 - 3.5 billion ISK each

Kaikka’s Modified 350mm Railgun - 450 million
Kaikka’s Modified Shield Boost Amplifier - 500 million
Kaikka’s Modified Thermal Shield Hardener - 400 million



The Tank CEO from the youtube vid with that miner that got killed and invited on comms??

Long time ago we flew occ. together with kosmo and chielzzz

Take care

Aye, that was me. Long ago… the good ole times. You take care as well. Nice to see ya still playing.

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