WTS Master Armor Super Pilot w/ HG Implants and Skins

Luke Oumis https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Luke_Oumis

Master Super Pilot

44mil Skillpoints (462,000+ Unallocated)


  • HG Amulet/Slave Implant set & +6% Armor Implant
  • Sarum, Cold Iron, and Purity of the Throne Aeon Skins
  • Amarr Carrier V
  • Jump Cal V
  • Jump Conservation V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Light Fighters V
  • Support Fighters V
  • Max Passive Armor Skills!
  • Armor Command Specialist V
  • Can Easily Train into Nyx

Docked in Basgerin
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
3 Remaps

Ready to Sell now!

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:cold_face: why Amarr ?if 50b for nyx i would like to pay . up for you

Your pilot should confirm here that he is for sale.

he has 460k unallocated. Easy jump in to Gallente, literally same day

But at the time, I made him an Aeon Pilot because Aeons were dirt cheap and I could drop people without having so much isk on the line. This pilot has a had a lot of fun fights.

The Aeon is no slouch, but like I said, its literally 1 skill to train into and he would instantly be a great Nyx Pilot as well.

I’m for sale…

Confirmed below

Bump :))

Bump :smiley:


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Get a good deal today



Are you still interested in this one was well?

already bought one from you today)

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up up

still for sale