WTS ME! 12M SP AF Pilot. High Gunnery Skills SOLD

Total Skillpoints: 12,464,970
Unallocated Skillpoints: 22,500


Key skills:
AF 5
Base Gunnery skills at 5
Most base engineering skills at 5

Located in high sec

Has +3 implants except for charisma
Remap available NOW
Bonus remaps 2
Currently specced for Perc/Will

No kill rights
Positive wallet.

Cool name!

10b B/O

Open to offers near the B/O.

6.5b offer

7 billion

7.1 billion

7.15 billion

7.25 billion

7.5b/o would take it.

I’ll do that. 7.5b b/o

Happy to accept that offer!

Isk and account info sent. Thanks

ISK recieved and transfer started, cheers!

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