WTS me 16m sp perfect scanner


Perfect scanning skills, extract billions from new eden secret places;
Hunt with him, or sit in your cloaky astero waiting for your prey
Some goodies left in account
Positive isks and sec stat
Stationed in Hisec, no kill rights
All CCP rules apply, i’ll pay transfer fees.

Make me a good offers and i’ll be with you


11.0 b

i’m accepting 11b bid, pls send isks and account details to me

Could you wait a little bit? I would like to pay at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning (EVE time). Then I will send you +300 mill ISK. I will pay 11.3 b ISK. Acceptable for you?

np here, but if i get a better offer… you know… it’s just businness :joy:

13b isks ready

accepted send isks and account name to me

isks and account details sent

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