WTS Medium EW Drone Range Augmentor I BPO (unpublished/collectible)

Howdy everyone:

Just as the title says above, I have this ultra-rare, unpublished BPO for sale. At present, the BPO is on contracts in The Forge for 25.0 billion if you want to take a look. This item has always been enigmatic and very hard to find any information on. CCP published this rig in 2009 (as best I can tell), and promptly withdrew it. The NPC sell orders were removed within hours. I have never seen another sale or offer of this BPO.

What makes this special is it is FULLY buildable. The completed rigs can be sold on contracts. Some websites list a T2 variant of this rig, but the BPCs are NOT inventable, sadly. The BPO is fully copyable, too.

Heres a comparison of the various rigs:

Medium EW Drone Range Augmentor I: Range Bonus 10km, 50 calibration
Medium Drone Control Range Augemntor I: Range Bonus 15km, 100 calibration
Medium Drone Control Range Augmentor II: Range Bonus 20km, 150 calibration

PLEASE read the following link. It contains patch notes from Apocrypha 1.5 in 2009. The relevant content is at the VERY last line of the patch notes.

“The small and medium EW Drone range augmentor rigs were released accidentally. These have been removed and any rig or blueprint of this type was converted to a drone control range augmentor rig variant.”


How this didn’t get converted, I’ll never know.

If you have questions or want to make an offer, convo me or send an in-game mail. I’ll consider a trade for a T2 mining crystal BPO or PLEX.

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