WTS: Men’s Bioadaptive Kybernaut Combat Suit [SOLD]

Selling Men’s Bioadaptive Kybernaut Combat Suit. PM in game or comment here if interested.
Latest price from Jita is 44B. I will consider offers from 42B.

going to start a bit low - to get it started. 30bil

44b Buyout

Private contract made out to Shaktar for 44B.

Accepted ty

Thank you as well.

You wouldn’t happen to have the female one or the “proven” masks by any chance?

I am afraid not.

I do have a couple of these if you are interested.
Men’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Liminality)

I’ll buy it…contact me in game …Tantanen Tsutola

45 lb

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I’ll take a liminality for 8b

Sorry m8, it sold already

8 is to low considering jita, i could do 11b.

Il offer 10

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