WTS Men's 'Field Marshal' Coat {not the green}

I have a Men’s ‘Field Marshal’ Coat {not the green}.
Currently in Amarr.
Looks like the most recent sales in the forum marketplace are around 9-10 bil. Feel free to make me some offers.

12b to start you up

is it called " not the green" ?

mail sent !

@Zorin_Firestone Hm. Not seeing any mail…?

@Samuel_Sachs That sounds solid. I’m going to give it a little time for others to speak up, but if no one does, it’ll be yours.

Take it easy.

Just realized they are on market available for like 6.5b… lol

Hm, ok. Must have dropped since last forums sales. Lemme think if I want to sell at that price, or wait for it to maybe rise again.

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