WTS Merc Miner

PW for all is pink


Mercoxit miner
T2 crystals
Hulk pilot
4.7mil SP

Positive wallet
No killrights

Will be using plex to transfer chars

Confirming I am for sale

Confirming I am for sale

Confirming I am for sale

Raven, i’d go 18. 1bil per msp plus 3bn.

Pixie Redblade 25b

18.5bil for Raven

Camryn Bid accepted for Raven Russo

Will organise the transfer asap

Evera, bid acknowledged for pixie, I have an in game bidder at the same price so I will give him 1 hour to respond from now, or shes yours.

25,5b ) Pixie_Redblade

Works for me, hes had his hour. Send isk and account name to pixie and ill initiate xfer via petition

I have transferred ISK for your character

thank you will initiate the transfer via petition immediately

Raven is now transferring, and pixie should begin tranfering soon also

Raven rec’d. Transaction complete. o7

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