WTS Mission runner (lp+standings boosting for ISK) SP 23mil+

Link to pilot sheet is >>HERE<<

As per CCP Character Baz rules:
member of the NPC corporation
location high sec
no kill rights
2 jump clones
positive wallet

start 18 bil - about extraction value
Instant buyout 23 bil

  • Standings with Mordu, Angels, SoE, CS, Jove and individual organisations.
  • Will leave all existing lp on pilot 200K True Creations+Power (was running Burners. 2 clones down there)

I’ve recently been boosting CN/CS on new trade alts and selling them for a nice profit:)

Ready to transfer

p.s. anything under min or bratty comments will just be ignored as free bumps.

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Extraction value is 13.5 B
I offer 14 B or free bump

18b offer

Bidding started, thank you.

It’s the weekend so added Instant buyout 23 bil

Sunday le-bump!

18,1 offer

Hello. 19b offer.

21 B offer

I accept your offer of 21bil Orsi Aishal, please send ISK and mail account name

ISK received and mail, Transfer started - have fun and fly safe o7