WTS Mobile Factory and Refinery Operations + Astronautic Engineering

As per title i have the following books for sale (Jita or hi-sec close around):

  • Raven Navy Issue Blueprint ME10 PE18 5-run (collector value)

  • Astronautic Engineering - Offers

  • Mobile Factory Operations - 60b

  • Mobile Refinery Operations - 20b

  • Mobile Refinery Operations - 20b - SOLD

  • Miasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition - 50b - SOLD

Please send this character the contact for the Ultramarine Edition

Coming right up

Done thanks

back up…

Send me mobile refinery operations

Holy crap, I bought my Ultramarine for a billion back 2013 or 2014 when they were first added to the game.

They are worth 50 bil now?

Contract up. Thank you

Added another Ultra Rare Book!

and up…still some stuff for sale

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daily bump

up we go…

Volume moved it too low to know for sure.
But if that person claimed for 50 Bil then it was worth that much. I might sell mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Are your prices negotiable? Or those are your firm asks?

Make an offer and we’ll talk :wink:

Great, then I’ll offer 42b for the Factory Operations, given one sold in April at 40b.