WTS 'Moreau' Fortizar in jita 4-4

WTS ‘Moreau’ Fortizar in jita 4-4
price 100 bil

Up Please

best citadel in game

I’ll offer you 10b


min 80 bil

25.01 billion :stuck_out_tongue:

80-100 bil

Bump for best fortizar in eve!

up up up

best citadel

up please


up up up


85 bil is min price for it

This is a great collector item… released in about the same number as the guardian vexors, expect it to sell for 1 tril isk in 10 years :slight_smile: Ofcourse, youll have to keep hold of it for that long.

However its usefulness is about the same as the GV’s. Anchor it and you’ll be on the short list for all the pvp corporations in this game. For people that are looking for a good structure, a sotiyo costs only 30 bil and has a lot more to offer in terms of defense.

Free bump.

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up up up !


100 bil min