WTS 'Moreau' Fortizar

Entertaining offers of 100 bil or more.
Located in Jita


Bump. Fanfest keynote today. Get the for now before the incoming faction Fortizar buffs

Interested, can you also post the keynote where they announced fortizar buff?

The Fortizar buff thing was a joke. There were no buffs. Sorry if it caused any confusion

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Bump. Still for sale

Still available. There has been interest but nothing at the right price yet


Up again

why would i pay 100b when i can skin any fort black with skinr : )

The Moreau is a Fortizar on a lot of steroids. Not only are the stats really high, but deploying one is a chad power move as its swag bonus is “OVER 9000!”

This is true. It’s also been confirmed to increase the length of your PDS by 1-2 inches

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