WTS Multiple Wormholes: C3>NS, C1>HS x2, C2/C2-LS x2


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Wormholes for Sale:
type: C3 J125016
static(s): NS
effect: Cataclysmic Variable (see below)
price: 500m
celestials: http://anoik.is/systems/J125016
Radius: ~18AU from sun to furthest planet (1 planet off d-scan)
PI: 7/10 - all fuel comps, most p2/p3, half p4 mats
structures: no mobile depos in space, no upwells, has few dead POSes, POCOs not mine.

Cataclysmic Variable effect:
Capacitor Capacity: +58%
Capacitor Recharge Time: +29%
Local Armor Repair Amount: -29%
Local Shield Repair Amount: -29%
Remote Armor Repair Amount: +58%
Remote Cap Transmitter Amount: -29%
Shield Transfer Amount: +58%

type: C1 J123748
static(s): HS
effect: None
price: 400m
celestials: http://anoik.is/systems/J123748
Radius: ~26AU from sun to furthest planet (1 planet off d-scan)
PI: 5/10 - all fuel comps, some p2/3/4 mats, low planet count
structures: 1 mobile depo in space, No upwells, Has few dead POSes, POCOs not mine.

type: C1 J152257
static(s): HS
effect: None
price: 500m
celestials: http://anoik.is/systems/J152257
Radius: ~16AU from sun to furthest planet (all planets can be on d-scan)
PI: 7/10 - all fuel comps, half or more of p2/3/4 mats, lot of barren planets.
structures: 1 mobile depo in space, No upwells, Has few dead POSes, POCOs not mine.

C2-C2/LS special sale with POCOs on all planets asking 500m + 130m per POCO (x9), Contact through game or discord for details.
type: C2
static(s): C2+LS
effect: None
price: 500m base + 130m x 9 POCOs = about 1.7b total + extra fuel blocks, small POS, (optional) some equipment for POS is extra priced @ Jita price.
Radius : ~11AU from sun to furthest planet (all planets on d-scan)
PI: 8/10 - all fuel block comps + most t2/t3 mats + half of P4 mats
structures: 9x POCOs, and online small POS all can be sold on the spot
special: very low moon count, all moons occupied by dead/my pos’es

type: C2 J103854
static(s): C2+LS
effect: None
price: 400m neg.
celestials: http://anoik.is/systems/J103854
Radius: ~24AU from sun to furthest planet (3 planets off d-scan)
PI: 7/10 - all fuel block comps + t2/t3 mats + few P4 mats
structures: No upwells. Has few dead POSes. POCOs not mine, no mobile depots

Typical payment structure:
Retainer of 50% of agreed price is required before K-space entrance is provided
50% upon inspection and approval by the buyer

SOLD WORMHOLES (since tracking started):

WH Date PI Type Static(s)
J104815 Oct 12 2023 6/10 C3 NS
J234915 Oct 7 2023 7/10 C2 C1+HS
J153247 Jul 12 2023 9/10 C2 C2+LS
J121516 Apr 9 2023 8/10 C1 LS
J151645 Mar 31 2023 3/10 C3 NS
J140843 Mar 25 2023 8/10 C2 C1+HS
J110108 Feb 28 2023 6/10 C1 HS
J142055 Nov 12 2022 6/10 C2 C2+LS
J111031 Sept 5 2022 7/10 C3 LS
J161357 June 27 2022 2/10 C4 C4+C5
J210536 June 11 2022 4/10 C2 C1+HS
J134949 June 8 2022 7/10 C2 C2+LS

Disclaimer: If you are agreeing for me to scan you an entrance to any wormhole, that means you are committing to buy that wormhole. If you come into wormhole, provided wormhole is empty/as advertised, and back out from buying it, I reserve the right not to return your 50% retainer since I have no way to verify if you will actually move in or not.
Please review the info provided beforehand and ask all the questions before I let you in to avoid this!

Recruitment Plug: If you want to learn the ropes of WH life and make money on WH sales, or just want a small corp experience, shoot me IG mail or DM on discord. virtual interview and discord voice presence required. Other than that I can teach you from 0. Alpha accounts welcome.

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Hey all, still have these two c3s for sale. checked both just now - still empty.

C3-NS got sold. already found a C2-HS/C1 to replace it, see details in first post.

added C4-c2/c4 to the list, still selling all 4 whs

All WHs still up for grabs

Hi there can u provide me some more info of the C4 with Static C4 and C2
wich sticks and how many exactly.

@The_Sinn hey, for J160419 we got 3 sticks

|20059|Amarr Control Tower Medium|Amarr Control Tower Medium|-|
|16214|Confessor|Minmatar Control Tower|-|
|16214|Minmatar Control Tower|Minmatar Control Tower|-|

also there are about 40 anchored battaries/defences

all of the above is abandoned and not active.

WHs still for sale. mail/discord/join in game chat.

WHs still for sale

c2-c1/HS and c3-HS is no longer available

Added C4-C4/C6 and removed C3-LS (there are way too many of them empty lol)

Added new wormhole to the list C2 static HS/C4, see OP post above for info

Replaced old C4 with new c2-HS/c1 155631 - see first post details

Sent you mail

C1 got sold, removed from the OP list

Talking to a buddy about purchasing one of these. What tz are you in?

US Eastern so -5 GMT, I am usually around in evenings, some days also in morning

i’m us east too so that works well. will let you know

I joined your discord. Hit me up there or in game when you’re around.

listed new wh c2>HS/c3 Magnetar effect J130256,

see first post for details

C2>C1/HS sold, still selling other two wormholes