WTS Multiple Wormholes: C3>NS, C1>LS, C2-C1/HS, C1>HS

C4>C4/C2 removed since its occupied, replaced with new c4>c4/5 J120450 (details in first post)

added new C1>HS to inventory
more details in first post

still selling, see first post for info

If you find a C1/LS please shoot me an in game mail to this guy. Thanks

sure thing @Wes_Wyhunnan

WHs in original post still on sale

someone moved into C2>HS/C3 rip that hole

C2> C2/LS now for sale:

see OP post for details

old C2> C2/LS got sold, now new C2>C2/LS is for sale:

see OP post for details

added C3>LS to inventory


check OP post for full details

C4 J120450 is now occupied, replaced with C2>c1/HS C4 J140843 with great PI. see OP Post for details

still on market

C3>LS was sold, other wormholes still available

Two fresh WHs added:
C1>LS J121516
C2>C2+LS J142055

Both empty and with quiet LS statics, perfect for people who don’t want to deal with HS traffic.

See OP post for full details and price, if interested.

Wormholes still around and kicking :stuck_out_tongue:

C2>C2/LS sold to another happy customer

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C3>NS added to sales list. See OP post above for details.

Currently connected to a good High-Sec system, contact me on discord if you want it now!