WTS myself, 51.3 Mi SP Gallente PVP And Capital Pilot


Gallente Pilot
All CCP rules apply.
Positive wallet.
Positive sec status.
Currently in High Sec
Has 2 Jump Clones in 0.0
1 JC with +4 Implants


PVP Pilot specialized in Hybrid tuurests
Armor all lvl 5 (5.1Mi Sp)
Drones 11/13 lvl 5 (10.2Mi Sp)
Eng 4.6Mi Sp
Gunnery 8.8Mi Sp
Navigation 8/10 Lvl 5 (8.2Mi Sp)
Spaceship cmd (9.3Mi Sp)

Start Offer is 43 Bi

Sales will end Sunday 26/02/2018 at 21:00 Eve time.

Happy bidding

For sale
Happy Bidding

43 billion


eve board link dosnt work. can u update it?



whats the price where u sell it?

Highest bidder by tonight 9pm eve time
Buyout 50Bi right away


Your character have a value of 43 as suggested for other. I offer you pay 47b tomorrow wednesday, i am out of the city today.

Check my trades if u want, i am a known and relatively reputable seller. Pleae answer the thread i am dont reading eve mail.

If your offer is the highest by tonight 9pm eve time, the character is yours for 47Bi

Highest bidder Inactive Seller @ 47Bi



Bumping is only to be done once every 24 hours. I will be locking this tread for the next day.

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