WTS near perfect JF toon 35M sp

taking offers/bids for myself, well focused toon and not in a hurry.’

toon is in highsec with positve sec status and is not in a corp… No kill rights, no. Jump clones are not being valued in this sale and are located in Highsec.


Gallente JF
Minmitar Transport ships

Notable skills
Jump cal V
Fuel conv V
Transport ships V

comes with High grade nirvana set and extras and high grade ascendancy set both worth quite a bit.

Redclaw sable skin for obelisk worth 400m

Mastodon Hazard control skin - not sold on market - rare

its got everything you need to haul safely and efficiently.

All sales calls should take place in this post.

start it off… 20b :slight_smile:

thank you for the offer! closer to double this is where were looking at @Par0dy

double may be a stretch, but we shall see :slight_smile:

23b bid

24 :slight_smile:

25 bil

26B b/o

Thank you for the offers, a bit more and we will be there!

Hello @Kristina_Akachi, I offer you 28B

32B and you have a deal @Spike306

You are tough on business! But I’ll accept 32B, I eat and I send you what it takes by mail IG

ok great, will take care of that rn @Spike306

ISK and account information sent.

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