WTS Nidhoggur Fitted -SOLD-

Looking to sell my Nidhoggur located in the Curse NPC space, last I checked (2018-12-13) Priced was roughly 1.4 bil ISK (not including drones or fuel). Send your best offers! Thanks.

Link to make things a bit easier, and not just a wall of text.

Also in the next system over
Fighter Support Unit I
Fighter Support Unit I
Fighter Support Unit I
31.76 k Hydrogen Isotopes


1,1 bil

Would you be willing to go 1.2 bil?

Plz clarify about the fit in the next system, is that also yours, do you sell it along with Nid?

Thats an old fit no fighters hehe

Thanks smarty its kind of obvious in curios about the words on the next system fsu’s.

In the next system over is just the 3 Fighter Support Modules, and extra fuel that I will toss in since I have no need for it.

Edit: Yes it will be included with the Nidhoggur.

Edit Edit: Yes super old fit, I just came back to the game I think 2 years was the last time I undocked in the carrier :slight_smile:

Allrighty make it all together @ 1.2b.

Sounds great I’ll shoot you the contract!

Accepted and all seems to be good except there are no drones )) which are on the Evepraisal link, probably those lil evils flew away before you docked …

Hey Tiddle, my bad I thought the drones were still, in the carrier. I’ll shoot you the isk that is missing from the Drones!

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