WTS nothing (sold please delete)

Everything is sold. Please delete :slight_smile:

Those babies are still looking for their new home(s)

Still available

Up. Price reduced.

Up. They are still available

I’ll start at 36bil for all 8.

44bil for all.

They are still available. I won’t go below 48 for all 8.

46b offer

Up. 48 bil and they are yours.

Up. Still available.

Up. Price is 6,2b each (48bil for all).

I’ll take all 8, contract to this toon for 48b


Thanks for your offer.

Waiting for you to accept contract.


No answer from Amanda Byrne since Monday.

I have 4 RNI left to sell. I set them at 5,75 bil each if you take all 4.

Up. Still selling those.

I’ll take them for 5.5 each

Thanks for your offer but I maintain 5.75 bil.

Lowest on contract is 5.9 bil. I’m already way cheaper.

Up. Still selling.

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