Wts nyx 5 hel 5 45M PS

Perfect super aircraft carrier specialization
Starting price:42B
Current price in my heartB/O: 50B

just getting you started nice toon for a good price

46 bil isk ready transfer for this character
Привет, заберу за 46 лярдов )

24H If no one exceeds your offer. I will accept your offer

With 8H left, I will accept the current highest offer.

Accept your 46B offer. After confirmation, it will start to transfer

isk send and account info send in mail box

Doom Andven
Sends and receives messages for this accoun

ISk has received the account to be sent to the account.

Le transfert est en cours. Le personnage en cours de transfert restera sur votre compte jusqu’à ce que la transaction soit finalisée, mais ne sera pas jouable entretemps.

Nom du personnage: Anton Semenovich Shpack

Sera finalisé après: 17/07/2018 23:58:58

Si vous n’avez pas entrepris le transfert de ce personnage, envoyez un ticket au service client.

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