WTS Nyx in Amamake

Located in the Hydra Keepstar Freeport.
Its just the hull with T1 trimarks and 50K oxygen isotopes.

Taking offers!

I’ll offer 42B

Hmm I guess that would be ok for me.
Are you online atm though?
Because im going on a lil trip in one hour, and ill be away from my computer until saturday evening or so.

Edit: I guess i can just put a contract up

Yea, I’m online. Can contract to this character whenever.

Contract up :slight_smile:

Tyvm, a pleasure doing business with you!

Just in case, Im selling this character as well. He is a close to perfect Nyx pilot.

You can find the thread here : [WTS] 61,5M SP perfect Vendetta/Hell/Nyx Pilot with nomad set - #12 by Ra_Gnarok

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