WTS Nyx w/ T2 Trimarks - Cheapest in Lowsec

WTS Nyx w/ T2 Trimarks
Egbinger NPC Station.

48b total (includes: Appraisal Kt1XQF @ Jita 4-4 split: 2,345,324,020.70 ISK | Janice).

44b offer on hull

what’s with everyone thinking they’re going to get mj / 1dq prices on a super in ■■■■■■■ egbinger

52b for you

Btw this Nyx is cheapest in lowsec - find a beter LS price I wil beat it.

bump. still the cheapets nyx in LS.


bump. price lowered to 48b for next 48 hrs ONLY.

bump. 48 bil for another 26 hrs then back to 50b.

Price reduced to 48b, cheapest nyx in LS.

still cheapest, bump