WTS Fully fitted Nyx Supercarrier. Located in Auren.

Make me an offer

11b offer

In game offer of 23B, waiting for them to post here to set up sale. If it holds for 24 hrs then ill sell to them

a ingame offer of 23b for a Nyx Hull in the South of the map are u on drugs :smiley: ??

Edit 1: Wait now u changed it to “Fully Fitted Nyx”… then link an evepraisal… otherwise we can just guess what fit is has

You said me you got a 29b ingame offer. Now you say here 23b. That doesnt sound legit here.

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So to be consistent in numbers here is 26b offer

Sorry, in game was a typo. the actual offer was 23B. Sorry for mistyping

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