(silent uk) #1

Looking to sell 1x Nyx

Located in Kor-Azor low sec

Message in game or post here, looking to hopefully sell today.

Proven third parties accepted.

(Zedius Yazria) #2

Ingame mails sent from my main. Ready to take delivery today. 3rd party is ready as well.

(silent uk) #3

Nyx is still available to buy

(spacedemolisher) #4

what sorta price are you looking for

(silent uk) #5

Looking to get rid of this Nyx before the weekend. So make some offers, note that I am in the EU TZ

(spacedemolisher) #6


(clickhere) #7

Message sent.

(Kane Blox) #8

I would be willing to go to 17bil if this does not sell

(Tatyana Howell) #9


(system) #10

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