WTS Officer & Faction Capital Mods

Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger - 9b SOLD
Tuvan’s Modified Damage Control - 14.5b
Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster - 11b SOLD
Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 17b
Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer - 8b SOLD
Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster x2 - 6.5b each

Dark Blood 2500mm Steel Plates x2 - 900m each SOLD

ill take the
Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger
Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster

please :slight_smile:

I’ll take a capital cap booster for 6b


4B i take it.

I’ll offer you 6b for Setele’s Modified Tracking Computer


you still have one of those dark blood capital cap boosters left?

If you have a cap booster left. Contract 1 to me

Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster if you have one.

ill offer 10b for the dcu

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