WTS Officer Guns / Mods

as in the Title above, Bling out your Shiney Machariels and Nightmares they will love it

I am selling

7x Mizuro’s Modified Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon / 1,6b each / Pack 11b
3x Mizuro’s Modified 800mm Repeating Cannon / currently in the Markt 1,7b / would do aswell 1,6b
5x Tairei’s Modified Mega Pulse Laser / 2b Each
1x Draclira’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu / 1,95b
1x Mizuro’s Modified 100MN Afterburner / 1,7b
1x Mizuro’s Modified 500MN Microwarpdrive 1,5b

Also i got a Couple of Faction Mods for Sale
6x Republic Fleet Dual 650mm Repeating Cannon / 60mil each / Pack 330mil
14x Republic Fleet 800mm Repeating Cannon / 135 each
7x Domination 800mm Repeating Cannon / 95mil Each / Pack 630mil

PM me Ingame or on Discord if Questions
Imperial Citizen#1783


Mail with offer sent.

Offer Recieved but i am looking for a bit more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the Bump

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Are the Mizuro’s Modified 800mm Repeating Cannon still available? I would like two.

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