WTS Officer mods, cheapest you can get, below jita price

At the moment I have for sale:
2x Chelm’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster -> 1,3bil 1 SOLD, 1 more to go
1x Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer -> SOLD
1x Draclira’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster -> 1,8bil

Dank isk to be made :wink:

All officer mods -10% jita price.

o7 Neut for 450m priv contract plz


One sold, 3 to go


Ill offer 3.5b for the remaining three (1b x2, 1.5b), thanks.

I sold one of the Chelm’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Boosters
Would you still would like to buy remaining two?
I can sell you them for 3b, but I won’t go any lower than that