WTS: Officer Mods (Webs and Damage Control)

Cormack’s Modifed Damage Control - 42.5b SOLD
Hakim’s Modified Stasis Webifier - 9.75b SOLD
Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier - 7b

Will take 5% off if you take 2, 10% off if you take all 3

PM me

Still have this for sale

This is still available to sell

Still for sale

Offer 35B

Sorry no. 2 sold in less then 30d at 47.4 so 45 is a good price

ive personally bought 2 for 35b each in the last 2 months. gl with that.

Still available

Still available

Still available

Added 2 webs

You know the cormaks damage control is the same stats as the unit w-634, and theres a unit w-634 on market for 40b, right?

Then they can buy that?

Bumping this sale because I still have some of this stuff. Dropped the price on the webs

Price dropped for the weekend!

Up we go

Last mod to sell

Still have a web. Buy it and brick it with that new enchantment spray

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