WTS Officer Mods

All located in Jita 4-4

Raysere’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 4b
Ahremen’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 5b

Ahremen’s Modified Armor Explosive Hardener - 1b
Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener - 1.6b
Chelm’s Modified Armor Explosive Hardener - 1.75b

Ahremen’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane x2 - 4.3b each

Cormack’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane - 4.2b
Cormack’s Modified Energized Kinetic Membrane x2 - 3.8b each
Cormack’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane x2 - 5b each

Tuvan’s Modified Tracking Computer - 3.6b
Unit F-435454’s Modified Sensor Booster - 3b

or mail offers




I sent you an email

Prices reduced to fit todays values.

Still mail offers

Smartbomb sold




EM Hardener sold. Bumpity bump.

Mailed you.

Another smartbomb sold, bump bump bump

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