WTS Officer Modules

1X Estamel’s Modified cruise missile launcher - 14b
1X Estamel’s Modified Large Shield Booster - 2.2b
1X Cormack’s Modified Multispectrum Membrane - 6b
4X Unit F Onmidirectional Tracking Enhancer - 750m Each

I also have a very large collection of abyssal modules ranging from god rolls to bricks. If you are looking for something specific feel free to mail me in game with the desired stats and what you are willing to pay. (I mostly have shield boosters, armor reps, armor plates, webs, scrams, neuts, NOS, and warp disruptors)

Everything is located in the Jita 4-4, post here or send in game mail if you are interested in anything.

2X Geri’s - 100b each
4X Cormacks modified Neutron Blaster Cannon’s - 160b for the set
1X Moreau Fortizar - 100b
Caiman BPC - offer

Interested in a Moreau fort +30 bil for the cormacks blasters?

I’d take both Geris for 185b

190 on both Geris

I’d do 330 on the guns and the geris

I’ll do the fort and 50 for the guns

Thank you all for the offers. I sent a counter offer mail to everyone. Will accept the first offers to agree.


contract is up

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Accepted, ty

Ahh that sucks, I just missed message, but have replied.

Contract for the Geri’s are up. Had to do 2 separate contracts. They are both in jita, just 2 different NPC stations.


daily bump, inventory has been updated. Caiman BPC added

70b offer on the Caiman

72B offer Caiman

Thank you for the offers, the Caiman BPC has been sold for 90b

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