WTS Oxygen Isotopes

Hello Guys
I want to sell the fuel
This is my first time to sell in web
So i don`t think it works…

But If anyone want to buy the Oxygen isotopes?
I want to sell this for reasonerable price in jita

The price rull is simple

  1. See the Jita`s lowest price
    2.multiply 0.961(my tax and broker fee 3.9%)
    3.and multiply again which you want to by
    4.Do private contract to Make Ryu

ex) If you want to buy 1,000,000(1m) of isotopes and the jita price is 750

750 * 0.961 * 1,000,000=720,750,000
So you recive 1m isotopes and pay 720.75mil


And I need time If you want to buy 20m or 30m of isotopes so If you want to buy super high?
Than do massage to me for prepare

Do you want a happy ending with that massage Make Ryu?

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