WTS Perfect C5-C6 Krab Hole, Ready for use day one

I am selling a ready to go farmhole for krabbing c6 sites. Hole comes with prefit C6 dreads that are capable of earning up to 2-3 bill per a hour (Each 4b+), capital housing + a fully fueled and fitted astra, a full fleet of rolling ships + refits for cap rolling, and finally full PvP/Home defense refits for dreads + Small home defense fleet for hole control.

This setup in this hole allows its owners to make far more money than any C6 because you are not limited to the very slow respawn rate of c6 sites. Instead of waiting for sights to spawn in home, you roll the static (Takes >2min) and run the sites in the static. This method allows you to choose exactly what hole you want to krab in then run all the sites in that hole (700-800m per) and roll again without ever running out of sites.

Hole is J145359, it comes pre-cleaned of locals https://zkillboard.com/kill/74373715/ .
I am selling because I don’t need another krab hole and would rather just get isk upfront.

Asking 20b Message me in game if you have any questions or would like to buy quietly

Will be moving caps out next week. If this sounds interesting but you dont know anything about c6 sites feel free to message me in game and I will link you some not awful C6 guides or take you onto sisi and get you into a c6 to practice the sites with no risk.

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Rumor has it that the hole isn’t empty. Contact me in game for bookmarks.

Double rumor, i hear Rote Kappelle still has a bunch of scanners, willing and able to make this WH very accessible :slight_smile:

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