WTS perfect naggle/phoenix/PI toon

Hi i sell myself positif wallet, 0.4 security status.
No kill right

NPC corp.
Implant for naggle/phoenix/sleep

Start bid 43b

45b offer

40 b offer from me, let me know.

he bid at 45 and you bid after with 40? xD nice bro :stuck_out_tongue:

dont spit on an offer my friend, good luck with the sale tho, let me know if 40 works out for you later.

i prefer continue to skill toon for sell it with more isk then sell it 40b have a nice day bro

46 bil

if no better order tomorow i accept the bid :slight_smile:

48b offer

if not better this day the toon is for you bro

you can send isk on toon :slight_smile:

High Priestess Hirl << this?

yeah :wink: give me mail on this toon with account information (account name) for start transfert :slight_smile:

tell me when is done i’m not connected with this toon

send isk complete and send account name

did you confirm?

Yes i start the transfer!

thx fly safe o7

Transfert done at:
01/02/2024 02:22:40

you welcom :stuck_out_tongue: