[WTS] Perfect Nomad (JF) pilot

16.5m SP, full Mid-Grade Nomad set with MC-805 (worth over 2.5b), 1 remap available.
Positive wallet, no killrights, +4 jumpclone, character is in Jita 4-4.

Key facts:
JF 5
MF 5
EM 5 (in less than a day)

Start bid - 16b

Ready for quick transfer, open to offers here or via evemail (please do note the implants value though).
Lowered b/o.

12.75b offered for this char

No thanks :slight_smile:

Still for sale - you will not find another perfect JF pilot being sold now :slight_smile:

13 bil b/o offered

Still no.
No lowball offers please, it’s a waste of time for your and me.
And all the SPs extractors can just skip this sale thread, thanks.

No SP extracting here. Ill offer 16 b

Getting closer to my b/o :slight_smile:
Causarius Traductor - you have evemail from me.

Still for sale, ready to close the deal quickly for the right price :slight_smile:

Accepted in-game offer, awaiting isk and account name

isk and account name sent.

Both received, proceeding with transfer

Character transferred, have fun with it! :slight_smile:

[copy of the mail]

Thanks for the quick sale :slight_smile:

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