[WTS] Perfect NYX Super Pilot 47m SP

Alexandr Gorlov is for sale !

Eve Board : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Alexandr_Gorlov

zkill: https://zkillboard.com/character/91528260/

Gallente Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Support Fighters V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Drone Durability V

I’m located in Jita currently, in a NPC corporation

Mid-grade Ascendancy set in Jita

Positive Sec Status (No high sec restrictions)

Positive wallet.

All CCP Rules Apply

Base price is 40b.

B/O: 50b


39 bil

Far from perfect. Missing Armor skills to name one. Save your ISK


40 bil

41 Bil

still available

40 isk ready

open to slight negotiation convo

I give 41 bil. I have money and wait you!

42B. isk ready

looking for at least 45b


Hello? still for seal?

take back my offer

Still available

45B B/O

Accepted. Please send ISK and account name for transfer.

45.5 bil, contact me ingame

46 bil,