WTS Perfect Rorqual pilot 51 mils SP

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mirko_Slavko password is 12345

Can be used as a fax alt too when needed, just need a bit more tuning.

It is in NPC corp, located in Duripant, highsec. Positive wallet. No killrights. No jumpclones. No implants.

Price is 52 bils.


Edited prices.

Sent you a mail :smile:

I will consider your offer, just let me know when u have isk.

What is the bid at?

47 bils from the poster above, he sent me that bid ingame.

51 b/o offer can send isk right now.

52 and we have a deal?


Bump again.

Bumping once more before skill-extracting him.

My 47b still stands :wink:

Edited price.

Character will be extracted in 1 hour from now.

I’ll give you 48b for him

48.5B, would be a shame if you extract him, but I won’t go up to 52B personally.

49bil but that is really my limit


Sold, please send ISK and account info to this char, I will be able to start transfer in about 90 minutes or less.