Wts perfect super and titan pilots

(Tyrone Eastwood) #1

Putting feelers out to sell my presciouses. All characters will soon be posting to confirm in this thread.

Tyrone: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tyrone_Eastwood
Tldr: very skilled titan/dread pilot with HG ascendancy and HG slaves (with 3b pashan implant) and MG slave clone.

Price:110b obo

Captain Aaron: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Captain_Aaron_Sheffield
Tldr: subcap main. Also can fly dreads/carriers. MG asklepains, HG snakes and crystals, MG slaves, genos.

Price:115b obo. SOLD

Douevenliftbro: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Douevenliftbro
Price:85b obo

Tldr:supercap monster. HG slaves

Posts not in this thread will be disregarded and not considered valid. I reserve the right not to sell for any reason. if you’re posting to low ball or scrutinize prices please save your future carpal tunnel. I am not interested in selling to people who are just going to rip and therefore disregard implant value.

(Douevenliftbro) #2


(Captain Aaron Sheffield) #3

Confirming. Also PW for Tyrone should be 1234

(Tyrone Eastwood) #4

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(Tyrone Eastwood) #12

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(BjBee Aidya) #13

Please give us password for opening the link http://eveboard.com/pilot/Tyrone_Eastwood

(BjBee Aidya) #14

Paying 110 Billion for ´Tyrone Eastwood´ (BO).

(Tyrone Eastwood) #15

Accepted. It might take me a day or two to sort everything. Thanks for your business! Eve mail me the account please

(BjBee Aidya) #16

Payment sent to Tyrone Eastwood with account info. Tx for accepting my offer :wink:
Transfer char whenever possible. I know it takes a bit.

(VictisHonor) #17

80b b/o for Douevenliftbro

(Tyrone Eastwood) #18

Sorry looking for 85. Thanks for the offer. Also- Tyrone transfer has been initiated

(Elizabeth H3ll) #19

This thread can be closed. All is sold.

(system) #20

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