WTS Phoenix Navy Issue - Sold

Want to sell Phoenix Navy Issue in Akora, The Forge for 9 B or 1800 PLEX
Slightly negotiable, so reply or contact me in-game. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.


Still for sale

Bumpity bump

Revive: Still for sale technique, activate.

6.5b dm

Thanks but not selling for that price.
I’m looking for around 8-9 B.

Contract me for 9 bil pls will take it now

I’ll send you the contract. Whether you can accept it or not is your own headache unless you’re trolling and engaging in anti-competitive behavior, which at that point, you and your entire IP address would be banned from the forums according to the rules.

[ 11. Anti-competitive behavior and trolling will be actioned under the forum rules. Final discretion lies with the CCP Community Team on whether behavior is categorized this way.}

Are you sure you want me to send the contract or do you accept that you’re trolling and want to back off?

Mai me the fit pls and thanks. Also, still waiting for your confirmation, Vento

Removing OT now, Stay Civil, make your Bids and stop conversations in here.

Expecting somwhere around 8 B or 1600 PLEX

keep waiting lol

Oh, another round of salt delivery. Thanks for the free bump!
Will settle on 7.5 B or 1500 PLEX.

Legends were right

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Sold two weeks ago. Please close.

Lol this guys is hilarious ,11 days back he wanted to sell it and now says sold 2 weeks ago LMFAO so acc to him 1 week is 5 days or 5.5 LOLS

Still crying? Woah.
I sold on 23rd Feb, so I guess I am wrong as I thought there were more days on Feb. Sold one week ago, crybaby.

Lol you are fail kid

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