WTS PI Alt 5.4mil SP

Selling a PI 5.4 SP PI Pilot with the following info:


Capable of running 6 planets.

Interplanetary Consolidation V
Command Center Upgrades V
Remote Sensing I

  1. All CCP rules apply
  2. I pay the transfer fee
  3. ISK Positive (1M)
  4. Sec Status 0.00
  5. Located in Bourynes (Sinq Laison)
  6. 0 Jump clones
  7. Remap in Sept / 1 bonus remap
  8. No kill rights or bounties
  9. NPC Corp

Bid starts at 3b / 4b B/O

@Scuffed_Steve_Jobs 3b

3.2 b

3.5b b/o

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My apologizes. Had a personal emergency. If still interested, I accept your offer @Rosella_Locke

Are you still interested in this character?

I will take it right now for 3b. Msg me in game for fast transaction

i match the 3.2

Sold! I will transfer once ISK is received.

@Scuffed_Steve_Jobs 3.25bil, ISK and account info sent

My apologizes for the delay. Transfer initiated.

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