WTS Pirate Logs

I have the following:

I am selling the following:
x 2 Angel Ship Log 516543793
x 1 Angel Ship Log 583225679
x 1 Blood Raider Log 137393941
x 1 Blood Raider Log 167593883
x 2 Blood Raider Log 335499422
x 1 Sansha Ship Log 309832812
x 1 Serpentis Ship Log 378922371
x 1 Serpentis Ship Log 501163556
x 1 Serpentis Ship Log 598549355

Preformatted textPreformatted text`55 million each, or 450mil for the lot (including the duplicates). Respond here, or contact me in game.


Currently on contract in Jita for 300 mill

Bump. I know there is a collector out there who wants to make an offer/investment (these no longer drop, and are from an eve long gone).

And bump. Make an offer!

do you have them´╝č
Sansha Ship Log 322301875 need 1
Sansha Ship Log 363587633 need 3

each 300m

I do them if you are interested. Contact me via evemail.

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