Slingin’ PLEX!

Taking contracts. Best contracts get accepted first. Ideally 5k minimum purchase but I’m a nice guy so I’m not too picky. If you want to talk price/amounts in more detail, you can mail me in game.

Everyone knows I have the best PLEX in town! Just meet me in the alley behind the Pulse Bar at Jita 4-4, I’ll be there. Might be hours late… but I’ll be there.

ALL SOLD OUT for now! There’s clearly a bunch of PLEX fiends up in this town!

Send me a mail if you would like to be notified when I restock, I’m already in touch with my cartel contacts in Syndicate for another shipment.


Plenty to sell! Either make me a WTB contract with your best offer or send me a mail to discuss.

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To all you PLEX fiends: I’m back in stock!

60k to sell right now, come get it while it’s available!

Make me a WTB contracts. Best offers get accepted first! Bulk orders preferred but not required.

(mail me if you want to discuss pricing)

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