WTS Pochven FAX - Minokawa - RARE!

As per title - Looking to sell Pochven Minokawa - docked in NPC station - Open to offers

3b offer

I will rephrase that… open to sensible and serious offers

Unless it is in Nalvula, that is a sensible offer. demand is pretty low.

What system? Im not looking but the system is very relevant. Something in Skarkon is far less valuable than something in a system with fewer caps laying around

if its in Nalvula 8b offer

which system?

FAX is based out of an NPC station in Otanuomi.

aww not the system i was after, thnx though


Are you just selling hull or does it have fit/rigs?

I’m upping my bid to 3.5, plus Jita split for any rigs/fit it might have. Offer is good for a week.

Withdrawing from sale - gonna hold onto it.

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